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The Port of Victoria, located on Mahé Island. Photo: Seychelles Investment Board

A wealth of investment opportunities

The investment opportunities in Seychelles are as vast and clear as its pristine waters. Here are the top five defining features that make it stand out as a paradise for international investors with a passion for responsible global growth


A world leader in environmental tourism  

Seychelles is a world leader in environmental preservation, and with a tourism sector so reliant on eco-tourism, it is pursuing an environmentally focused strategy for the development of the industry. In doing so, the country works to ensure that investment projects enhance the tourism sector while simultaneously remaining ecologically aware and avoiding over-development. The result is the creation of unique opportunities for investors to become involved in eco-friendly tourism infrastructure projects, sustainable real estate or added-value projects such as entertainment, sport, medical, wellness or leisure facilities.

A diverse portfolio of opportunities

Besides investment in tourism, Seychelles offers a wide array of opportunities. Investors can explore the possibilities in agribusiness, especially in innovative food production systems such as vertical farming, hydroponics and aeroponics which can produce higher yields in smaller spaces. The nation’s vast seas also offer large opportunities in the blue economy, where a balance between growth and conservation is achieved through sustainable development programs. Likewise, the country’s stability, favorable tax regime and swift processing procedures make the financial services sector extremely attractive. And while ICT has already transformed the once isolated nation, opportunities for further technological development also remain strong.

A stepping stone to Africa

Geographically, Seychelles is located in between Asia and Africa, making it an attractive choice for Chinese investors interested in establishing a link between both continents. Seychelles boasts sea and air links connecting mainland Africa and Asia, with major airlines flying into Seychelles International Airport and international shipping lines regularily using Seychelles’s main port – one of the deepest in the region. The port is currently undergoing a major expansion project, which in addition to increasing its capacity, will also incorporate new shipping technologies. Adding to its geographical attractiveness, Seychelles is also protected from the region’s cyclones.

Big Ben Monument in the Main Square of Victoria, Mahe. Photo: Seychelles Investment Board

Tailored assistance through Seychelles Investment Board

Created in 2004, the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB) provides a one-stop-shop for prospective investors. SIB is there to walk investors through the process from the earliest stages where the investment is merely an idea, to the completion of the project. Once the investor has an idea of the sector they would like to invest in, SIB works with them closely every step of the way, identifying opportunities, guiding them through the documentation, coordinating across government bodies, and ultimately giving them the green light to proceed.  

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